Donut-Themed Party in Canebrake - Hattiesburg, MS Photographer

A beautiful day greeted this adorable party. This was such a cute theme for little Murphy's three year old party. The light in this beautiful home was amazing and matched so well with the theme. Maurie Hartel and I have worked together on several parties and it is always a pleasure taking pictures of her talent at party planning. Anna and Wright, Murphy's parents, were gracious hosts and I loved being there! Cake: Monkey Kisses, Paper products: Rice Designs

Laurel, MS Home for Christmas | Mississippi Magazine Article & Cover

Last year I was contacted by Mississippi Magazine about doing a shoot of a home in Laurel, MS for their 2015 Nov./Dec. issue. I grew up in Laurel and jumped at the chance! Laurel is a beautiful community with gorgeous older homes. A lot of them have been renovated to their former glory. The home of Mallorie & Jim Rasberry is one of those. I have the pictures to prove how beautiful it is, but it is even more beautiful in person. It was a thrill and a most wonderful opportunity to be a part of Mississippi Magazine and this beautiful family for a day. I am so pleased to share some of the images that were my favorites that were not used in the article. Pick up a copy today to learn more about the history of this home and get ready for some beautiful inspiration for your Christmas decorating this year!

Laurel Home Mississippi Magazine Feature